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August 2009

Shooting in August. I am playing Dianne, the wife and mother, in award-winning director John Paxton Jr. latest short feature. This is a coming of age character study about what happens when individuals from different walks of life find themselves sharing more in common then they assume.

Shooting in August. I am playing Mallorie, the mother of Jason, in John Fink's short feature Hollow Spaces. This is a haunting story of personal pain, conflict and a re-examination of one's past through a fractured lens.


July 2009

In November 2008, I played a judge in High-Low, directed by Kosuke Ikeda, a Japanese filmmaker. In this film, I decide, after careful consideration of many factors, if people go to heaven or hell, depending on the sin each has committed. This film is being screen on July 26 at the Asian Film Festival in New York City.

June 2009

Celebrity Ghost Stories, a Biography Channel favorite, hired me to play the dead grandmother of Anson Williams (Potsy on Happy Days). Williams had not met his grandmother as she died before he was born. She did show up for him, though, when he nearly sailed through the windshield of his VW Bug during an accident. I played the angelic grandmother who gently pushes him back into the car. What for it to come out around Halloween, of course.


May 2009

Shot Romeo v. Juliet, directed by Lapo Melzi at Fort Totten again. This time, the location was in one of the caves on the fort site, making it amazing and intriguing. The plot is that the couple does not commit suicide, rather they marry and find things not as perfect as we have historically imagined. I played Juliet mother, a upper-crust snob with high aspirations for her daughter.

I played a supporting role in the pilot production Conspiracy “X,” directed by Shawn Baker. This series of productions delves into the plethora of moral dilemmas faced by people in everyday life. I play the wife of a police officer who turns bad when it is the only way he can get his daughter out of a terrible situation.


March 2009

Shot The Meeting, directed by Eliana Ujueta in the Hamptons. This short was look at how pride can stand in the way of experiencing love. I play the lead as a painfully closeted celebrity willing to give up a real love in exchange for her public image. The exploration of this theme shows how this type of self-loathing wrecks havoc on everyone in the family.

Performed two short plays at the Slipper Room on the Lower East Side with a group of other excellent performers called “Men and Women on Stage.” I played Lorna is Theresa Rebeck's Big Mistake, in which I meet up with an old boyfriend whom I had avoided because he was a little psycho. In Baby Food, by David Lindsey-Abraire, I played a wife of a couple who are a little too obsessed with their child and this neuroses shows as they try to recruit another couple to be its godparents.

Shot When's Lunch, directed by Sara-Rose Meredith at Fort Totten in Queens. This delightful little play on Sartre's No Exit is a movie within a movie. I play a dead Mrs. Robinson; my husband, also dead, has shot my young man-child boyfriend, me, and then himself and we are all trapped in hell together for life. Set in the 1970s, the wardrobe is excellent, thanks to Tisch costumer Tilly Grimes.


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